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Lawn weed spraying in Cockburn, Success, Bibra Lake and surrounding areas

G&W Lawn Weed Spraying Service offers a good old fashioned friendly lawn weed spraying service for Perth residents. We can also provide affordable, reliable and professional lawn care. We have been maintaining residential and commercial lawns for over a quarter of a century and know how to get your lawn looking great and keep it looking great all year-round.


Weeds can be annoying, unsightly and can take over your lawn. The weeds can make your garden untidy and consume valuable nutrients that your grass needs to grow properly. Our lawn weed spraying service for residents of Perth in the Cockburn, Success, Bibra Lake and surrounding areas will take care of all your weed problems.


G & W Lawn Mowing offers reliable Lawn Mowing, Vertimowing and Weed Spraying in Cockburn, Success, Bibra Lake and surrounding areas

Lawn weed spraying requires spraying the right weeds with the right herbicides at the right time! This can be confusing for the average person to figure out and they simply dont have the time to learn all about weed spraying. Let us handle this problem for you.

We have years of experience doing lawn weed spraying in Perth. We utilise some of the most precise and reliable lawn weed spraying equipment, ensuring your lawn is the envy of your neighbours!

We know how to identify and kill weeds. We can also give you tips that will help you keep your lawn in great shape all year round. So don’t waste your time and energy trying to work out which weed killers to spray on which weeds in your lawn. You run the risk of killing your poor lawn!

Give us a call and we will give you a quote and get rid of your weeds for you. Whether you’re looking for a once-off lawn weed spraying or regular weed maintenance, we can provide a service to suit your needs and budget.

Some of the weeds that we commonly spray and eradicate are as follows:


Cat’s Ear

Carrot Weed


Cape Weed

Wild Radish




Pig Weed

Creeping Oxalis

Caustic Weed

Love Grass

Crab Grass

Nut Grass

Onion Grass

Winter Grass

Service Areas

Bibra Lake




Hammond Park



East Fremantle



Aubin Grove


North Coogee

Mt Pleasant

Alfred Cove


South Lake








Monday – Friday (8am to 5pm)

P.O. Box 1261 Bibra Lake WA 6965

ABN: 59 876 042 517

PHD Lic. 2018

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